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Being Inspired By Calvin Reid - 1452 Words

Being inspired is an important part of being successful in life. For Kerry James Marshall being inspired by various people has helped him to find his own success in art. According to New art Publications â€Å"Kerry James Marshall† by Calvin Reid,1998 Kerry James Marshall states â€Å"And I used to watch this television program, John Nagy’s Learn to Draw which was highly influential on my development†. The words that Kerry states shows that he learned and was inspired to do great art because he learned from a great artist and wanted to do great work like the artist did (Marshall, James Kerry. Interview by Calvin Reid Winter. 1998). Although this inspired him, Kerry was inspired from other people too. In junior high school his teacher Mrs. Clark really helped him to become better, as the same interview with Calvin Reid finds Mr. Marshall says â€Å"And then there was Mrs. Clark, who was the head of the junior high school art department, she had competitions amo ngst the kids to see what would get into the showcases†. This really inspired Kerry because he was given a challenge but was shown by Mrs. Clark to do well and create good art to help him become successful early on in life. Kerry James Marshall also has time periods that influence him too. Often times in life people will find a specific time period that is fascinating to them. During the interview with The John Hopkins University Press â€Å"An Interview With Kerry James Marshall† by Charles H. Rowell in the winter of nineteenShow MoreRelatedRastafarian79520 Words   |  319 Pagesintentionally left blank Rastafari This page intentionally left blank Introduction Since its emergence among the poor in Jamaica in the early 1930s, the Rastafarian movement has progressed from being an obscure group of protesting outcasts in the ghettos of West Kingston to being a movement ï ¬ rmly entrenched in Jamaican society.1 From Jamaica, the movement has spread around the world, especially among oppressed people of African origin.2 Beyond people of African descent, Rastafari has

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Six Important Tips For Raising Productive Bees Essay

Six Important Tips For Raising Productive Bees By Rudolf Fraser | Submitted On March 16, 2011 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Beekeeping is something that s highly beneficial not only to you and your family s well-being but to the environment also. Simply because bees play a pivotal role in pollinating most of the crops that are produced by farmers, making them indispensable by the farming community if they ll look forward to a successful harvest of crops. Research has shown that bee populations have in declined in some regions of the world and this is threatening the supply of crops. This fact doesn t just affect consumable crops but many other plant species that rely on pollination are also threatened and if nothing is done nature can be thrown out of balance. It s unimaginable what could happen to the planet if it was to lose these creatures, so beekeeping is not just about making bucks but contributing to keeping the planet and nature in balance. Honey has healing properties to many ailments as it able to strengthen the immune system and bee stings have also been used by many natural therapists to cure certain illnesses. Anyone who is interested in beekeeping but donShow MoreRelatedLas 432 - Genetically Modified Foods Essay14589 Words   |  59 Pagesmore research needs to be done. Summary Controversy around genetically modified foods is becoming big news and sorting through volumes of information can be intimidating. The public is asking a lot of questions about GM foods and they are also raising concerns about the effects these foods may have on their health or the environment. There are different advantages and disadvantages of GM foods, although to what extent they can help or harm humans and the environment is a debatable aspect of thisRead MoreSexually Transmitted Diseases35655 Words   |  143 Pagesand 2. * Leading zeros are not significant. For example, 0.00052 has two significant figures: 5 and 2. * Trailing zeros in a number containing a decimal point are significant. For example, 12.2300 has six significant figures: 1, 2, 2, 3, 0 and 0. The number 0.000122300 still has only six significant figures (the zeros before the 1 are not significant). In addition, 120.00 has five significant figures. This convention clarifies the precision of such numbers; for example, if a result accurateRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 PagesControl Scale 52 Tolerance of Ambiguity Scale 54 Core Self-Evaluation Scale (CSES) 56 SKILL LEARNING 57 Key Dimensions of Self-Awareness 57 The Enigma of Self-Awareness 58 The Sensitive Line 58 Understanding and Appreciating Individual Differences Important Areas of Self-Awareness 61 Emotional Intelligence 62 Values 65 Ethical Decision Making and Values 72 Cognitive Style 74 Attitudes Toward Change 76 Core Self-Evaluation 79 SKILL ANALYSIS 84 Cases Involving Self-Awareness 84 Communist Prison Camp 84Read MoreStephen P. Robbins T imothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesLibrary Am I Engaged? 78 Myth or Science? â€Å"Favorable Job Attitudes Make Organizations More Profitable† 83 Point/Counterpoint Employer–Employee Loyalty Is an Outdated Concept 87 Questions for Review 88 Experiential Exercise What Factors Are Most Important to Your Job Satisfaction? 89 Ethical Dilemma Bounty Hunters 89 Case Incident 1 Long Hours, Hundreds of E-Mails, and No Sleep: Does This Sound Like a Satisfying Job? 90 Case Incident 2 Crafting a Better Job 91 4 Emotions and Moods 97 What

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Marketing Strategy and Plan for Social Media - myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theMarketing Strategy and Plan for Social Media. Answer: Introduction Marketing of products is essential especially towards the adoption of new ones. The firm is better placed to introduce the new product based on the fact that it has been existent and offered similar products. The report records of the individual interests explored in launching the product in as far as marketing is concerned. Marketing Strategy LP has several means that it can explore its marketing activities to ensure it reaches a considerable amount of people. In its marketing strategy, the firm shall explore several strategies within the market to ensure it reaches a significant population as it seeks to introduce the new product in the market. As a firm already in production of similar products, marketing the new brand would be easier given the methods and avenues that it is going to explore. Online Marketing The online market consists of several aspects where people can be reached through the official website, search engines, and the social media. The social media offers a large platform for developing marketing policies that arrive at a wide range of individuals. The social media remains open to a large group of people ranging from the youth, elderly, and across the social classes. The firm, through its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages shall advertise the new products and run several ad campaigns therein challenging individuals to try the new product and register their replies to the same avenue (Cavusgil, Knight, Riesenberger, Rammal Rose, 2014). The links to the official website shall be created, where individuals shall contain more information and get a detailed analysis of the products. At the same time, short video clips advertising the new product and those of people giving opinion shall be aired to create awareness of the product. Besides, the firm shall explore the use of short advertisement on advert sites such as Youtube where the short clips shall exist. The clips shall be restricted to the regions where the viable market remains open to ensure a clear strategy of winning the market. Furthermore, the immediate company website shall be used to not only advertise the new product but also consider the existing products to create a link for the product thus increasing the consumption (Ritter, 2014). The online marketing provides several avenues that shall be instrumental in the well-being and creation of awareness for the product. Screening Advertising Screen Advertisement consists of a strategy where posters and short advertising are placed in strategic locations to create awareness of a new product in a market. The strategy is useful to the extent that it can be viewed by people on a daily basis and in places that catch the eye of the market (West, Ford Ibrahim, 2015). The firm shall use the public transport for its advertisement with a primary focus on the buses and trains connecting to the city and beyond. The firm shall create posters and small screens and seek permission to have them on the means of transport thus amassing broad awareness of the product. The power of advertising lies in the visibility of a product, and, thus would be a clear strategy towards having people tries the product. Marketing Partnership In todays competitive world, the option of partnership towards marketing remains inevitable, cost-effective, and largely advantageous. Partnership creates a way to grow, keep budgets low while acquiring new clients while reaching business targets. The firm shall use the partnership opportunities with companies such as Saatchi Saatchi as well as Doe Design to have its products marketed as they pursue the same market in growing their brand name. According to Momin, Neri, McCausland, Duke, Hansen, Kahende, Stewart (2014), the type of partnership increases the broad market acquisition while remaining cost-effective. The introduction of the Apple flavor of LP Company shall remain viable with the perfect combination of the above and other companies seeking to grow their names. Proper standards shall be placed to ensure the difficulties and competition from other firms does not affect the operation aspect of the partnership. Promotion Strategy LP plans to explore some activities in promoting its products to the market with a focus on the introduction of the new product. The apple flavor is the center of focus in the promotion where efforts shall be made to have people taste and experience the great taste of the product. In the first case, the firm shall explore the opportunities presented through the sports facility to enhance awareness of the product. In this case, it shall utilize the local sports events such as football, cricket, and rugby tournaments, where it shall partner with other firms in sponsoring the events while promoting its new brand to the market (Huet, Frail, Lake Snyder, 2015). Such populations are essential to the business as it forms the vast majority of the product consumers. For instance, the firm shall contribute a percentage of the total required for the tournament and thus have a direct permission to air their adverts and product within the locations. Since a considerable number of people take part either in game or audience to such events, the product would enjoy a sure marketing in the process. Sample Giveaways Product promotion entails having clients presented with a sample and experience the great taste while offering feedback to the same. In the spirit of marketing, the firm shall organize with selected stores a promotion program where people purchasing the companys product shall have the pleasure of receiving samples of the new product (Wolfe, Silmon, Plesko Miller, 2014). The move would attract people to purchase the product, and in any case, they fail to purchase, awareness would be created of the new product. Sample giveaways can also be done during sports events where people can answer questions concerning the firm and receive giveaways. The strategy is effective as it encourages a return purchase and product awareness to the target population. Price Discounting The strategy of discounting remains fundamental in marketing principles, as in attracts several sets of clients. The firm plans to provide a discount price on the new product either in a package or when sold as a single product. The discounting shall go on for a specified period sufficient enough to create awareness and a strong command for the product in the market. On the other hand, the firm shall offer such discount in selected stores and sporting events where considerable populations can feel the effect of the product thus encouraging repeat purchases and referral products (Hollensen, 2015). The discounting structure shall not only encourage people towards trying the product but also attract a new segment of consumers to the business. Product Bundling Bundling of goods is a superior strategy towards promoting the consumption and subsequent marketing of a product. Bundling can be done with other firms products while in other cases done with own company-related commodities. The apple flavor shall be bundled with other flavors offered by the firm and sold at a discount price to attract more clients while gaining the experience to the great taste. A 10 percent discount shall be introduced to the bundled products, where a special message introducing the new product shall be well labeled strategically to target the market. The strategy shall attract and encourage repeat purchases thus satisfying the core purpose of the marketing venture. Distribution Strategy Distribution refers to the process of ensuring products or services are available to the market in the desired proportion. Apportionment of a product determines the rate at which the market shall gain knowledge and develop an interest in a product. According to Eusebio (2017), the visibility of a product in several locations creates the notion and appetite to try a product and register the experience therein. The firm shall embrace a direct sales scenario to the immediate areas while employing indirect sales through marketing intermediaries. As a result, the firm shall decide to partner with the souvenir shops where a direct sale shall be done in locations within while expanding the distribution across the region (Gleghorn Harper, 2015). At the same time, the firm shall partner with large distribution firms to have their products reach a multitude of people. The firm shall have direct contacts with other wholesalers in the region to have the product replenished and advertised adequately in their respective locations. On the other hand, the company shall explore the option of value-added resellers who can buy products directly from them and bundle them up with their services or with other products before selling to the end user. In pushing the new product further, optimization of existing products shall occur where special bonuses and discounts shall be given to ensure the distributors promote the new product and increase its sales (McKinnon McKinnon, 2017). An assessment of the distribution channels shall be done where the most profitable ones will receive the largest batch of products (Gleghorn Harper, 2015). By using the largest firms and those with a high sales margin, the new product shall remain known to the market. Snack joints and school canteens shall receive distribution which is essential towards creating awareness and increasing the purchase of the present and new product. Selective distribution shall occur where the apple flavor shall be sold in combination with the rest in areas where consumption remains high. Selective distribution shall remain essential in ensuring products thrive in the market as opposed to placing them in locations with little sales (Rushton, Croucher Baker, 2014). The study shall allow for the election of exclusive stores to enjoy the product. Large distributors do not charge expensively as they offer reverse logistics essential in product flow (Grabara, Man, Kolcun, 2014). For the marketing period, a close management of the distribution channel shall exist to ensure it goes according to the plan. In the end, the firm shall provide a wide spread of the product in the market, thus accomplishing the marketing aspect of the apple flavor. Recommendation Marketing can be essential in promoting a product and introducing a new brand to the market. LP makes sure to have its marketing objectives, measurable, specific, and accurate towards delivering success. The primary focus should be on the new product with a specified target population. The marketing venture ensures the product reach the clients in the right market according to the forces of demand and supply. The firm needs to explore all the strategies but place a particular focus on the promotional strategies. The act of conducting road shows and advertising remains important and core steps towards introducing a new product. Thus, the focus is needed as well as the allocation of sufficient funds towards the venture. Sample and product giveaway is a sure way of having individuals get the experience of a product and thus drive interest and referral purchase to the apple flavor. References Cavusgil, S. T., Knight, G., Riesenberger, J. R., Rammal, H. G., Rose, E. L. (2014). International business. Pearson Australia. Eusebio, R. (2017). Marketing II. Marketing, 2018. Gleghorn, G. D., Harper, A. (2015). Logistics and Supply Chain Management and the Impact of Information Systems and Information Technology. In Technology, Innovation, and Enterprise Transformation (pp. 295-301). IGI Global. Grabara, J., Man, M., Kolcun, M. (2014). The benefits of reverse logistics. International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, 15(2), 138-147. Hollensen, S. (2015). Marketing management: A relationship approach. Pearson Education. Huet, A. L., Frail, C. K., Lake, L. M., Snyder, M. E. (2015). Impact of passive and active promotional strategies on patient acceptance of medication therapy management services. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, 55(2), 178-181. McKinnon, A. C., McKinnon, A. C. (2017). Starry-eyed II: the logistics journal ranking debate revisited. International Journal of Physical Distribution Logistics Management, 47(6), 431-446. Momin, B., Neri, A., McCausland, K., Duke, J., Hansen, H., Kahende, J., ... Stewart, S. L. (2014). Traditional and innovative promotional strategies of tobacco cessation services: a review of the literature. Journal of community health, 39(4), 800-809. Olhager, J., Pashaei, S., Sternberg, H. (2015). Design of global production and distribution networks: A literature review and research agenda. International Journal of Physical Distribution Logistics Management, 45(1/2), 138-158. Ritter, J. (2014). " What is the role of marketing in strategic planning"?. The Business Management Review, 4(4), 88. Rushton, A., Croucher, P., Baker, P. (2014). The handbook of logistics and distribution management: Understanding the supply chain. Kogan Page Publishers. West, D. C., Ford, J., Ibrahim, E. (2015). Strategic marketing: creating competitive advantage. Oxford University Press, USA. Wolfe, D., Silmon, V., Plesko, T., Miller, K. (2014). Marketing Plan: Dallas Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Demonstration Project (No. FHWA-JPO-14-112).

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Auditing - Assurance - and Compliance Services

Question: Discuss about the Auditing, Assurance, and Compliance Services. Answer: Introduction: The present study sheds light on the relevant accounting theory and the auditing and assurance services. This particular study is based on a case study that illustrates the operations of the BSF Ltd., an Australian bioresearch organization that is listed in the Australian stock exchange. This particular organization carries out research for the purpose of utilization of the bacteria for the manufacture of fish. However, the corporation BSF Ltd also undertakes diverse research operations that orients around bioresearch for discovery of the sustainable aqua cultural feeds. The study also reflects the challenges faced by the research organization that encompasses the failure of research on the plant-based feed that could solve the concerns of the fish based feed along with the cost borne by the organization due to the unsuccessful projects. The unsuccessful research also drew criticisms from the environmentalists and faced the allegation of diversion of the high worth food crops into lu xurious fish. This led to the new research on the bacteria based research for the generation of the feeds that ultimately met with success. The current study therefore deals with the steps that need to be taken into consideration before the auditing and application of the same into the operations of the BSF Ltd. Thereafter, the present report deals with the evaluation of the risk of the audit, process of application of different functions. Furthermore, the current study discusses the entire audit program for the company and discusses the accounting treatment of the research as well as development transactions. Besides this, the present study also discusses the accounting treatment of the government grant received by the corporation from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Federal Government of Australia). Consequently, the study deals with the evaluation of the research as being socially as well as environmentally friendly. Finally, the present assignment carries out analysis of the reasonableness of the assertion regarding the patent value as the exclusive control over the advanced technolo gy used by the research organization. Steps to be considered before acceptance of audit and application to the operations of BSF Ltd The audit process necessarily needs to adhere to the auditing standards stipulated under the section 336 of the Corporations Act 2001. The process of conduction of the auditing needs to comply to the auditing standards namely, the ASA 100 (Preamble to AUASB Standards), ASA 101 (Preamble To Australian Auditing Standards), ASA 102 (Compliance with Ethical Requirements when Performing Audits, Reviews and Other Assurance Engagements) among many others (Christensen et al., 2012). The process of the evaluation of the audit comprises of the inspection of the prospective clients of the accounting firm, allied activities of the business together with the owners. The sequential process of the audit also comprises of evaluation of diverse objectionable risk associated to the client that includes enquiry of the overall reliability of the corporation (Duncan Whittington, 2014). However, as a result the procedure of the audit follow the due diligence procedure and verify the overall ethical thre ats associated to the confidentiality or else the contradictory advantages. In addition to this, the BSF Ltd also needs to have the adequate competence for executing the business activity, as this organization is mainly a bioresearch organization. However, diverse circumstances for the purpose of the performance of the audit embrace the process of determination of different suitable framework for the financial as well as account of the corporation (Homb et al., 2014). Furthermore, the process of audit also includes the examination of the legitimacy of the presented information concerning the client along with the conformation with the diverse accounting standards. Besides this, the auditor also needs to examine the overall ethical requirements and maintain the overall quality of the activity (Ahmed Haji Anifowose, 2016). Over and above this, the management of the corporation also needs to be in agreement with the one another as regards the preparation of the financial statement. Th erefore, the evaluators need to ensure that the financial statements of the company are also free from the material error that might be owing to fraudulent activities if not unintentional mistakes. As rightly indicated by Shah Nair (2013), the assessor can disallow the overall engagement with the client firm if the management implements constraints on diverse activities of the audit. In addition to this, the assessors can in turn refuse certain suggestions of audit when the financial records are not prepared according to the acceptable regulations. Nevertheless, the assessors assume confirmation from the preceding auditor as regards the execution of the legal and at the same time the process of implementation (Simpson et al., 2016). In addition to this, the assessors also need to make it certain that the choice of the proposed assessor according to different statutory obligations. Ultimately, the auditor has the need to submit the requisite letter of engagement with the client. Risk assessment of the audit of BSF Ltd The process of evaluation of the audit risk needs to adhere to the Australian Auditing Standards that institutes different requirements and at the same time offer the process of implementation of the standards. The assessor can abide by the rules such as the AUASB ED 7/08 ( the Proposed Auditing Standard ASA 315) that helps in the process of identification as well as assessment of the risk of materiality. In addition to this, many other standards are laid down as a guideline for carrying out the entire audit. The primary intention of the assessor is to identify and at the same time reduce the overall risk to a significantly low level (Hegazy Farghaly, 2016). The analysis of the present case study reveals the fact that the inherent risk of BSF Ltd is 90% and on the other hand the control risk stands at 5%. In addition to this, the risk of detection is recorded to be 80%. The audit risk in the present case can be evaluated by utilization of the Audit Risk Model in which the assessor c an take into consideration both the control as well as inherent risk (Chambers Odar, 2015). Therefore, the audit risk can therefore be calculated by implementation of the formula that states that the risk of the audit is necessarily the multiplication of all the registered inherent risk, detection risk as well as the control risk. Therefore, the formula for the calculation of the audit risk can be put across as (Audit Risk = Inherent Risk*Detection Risk*Control Risk). As mentioned in the case study, the audit risk is therefore equivalent to 0.36 (0.36=0.8*0.9*0.05). Thus, the audit risk is registered to be 36%. However, the audit risk in this case is under 10% that is regarded as the standard for the audit risk, therefore, there is a need to have audit risk within the limit of 10%. This reflects the fact that the assessors can execute the role of audit for the client company BSF Limited. Discussion of the audit program for the BSF Ltd As rightly indicated by Pitt. (2014), the auditors have the need to devise and at the same time create audit program in a bid to make it certain that the business functions as well as control of the organization can be evaluated for the purpose of rectification. In addition to this, the assessors can also get hold of adequate information as well as requisite substantiation by conduction of diverse audit programs that includes list of different functions that are essentially involved in the process of assessment and audit process. Again, the suitable individual audit procedure are primarily designed with the intention of the development of accounting methods and at the same time accounting strategies (Graham, 2015). Nevertheless, the audit process also takes in different substantiated tests as well as other methods of control. For the purpose of the substantiation of the audit opinion, the assessors need to comply with diverse performance requirements according to the specific require ments of the audit regulations (Australian Auditing Standards) for the particular audit program and thereby build up the important working papers of the assessors (Lowell, 2016). Again, the assessor also needs to record different features that in turn can aid the entire procedure of the validation of the audit (, 2016). The important factors of the audit program also need to integrate the process of the preparation of the working papers that can essentially facilitate the overall process of retention of the union with the presentation of the audit. In addition to this, the auditors also need to arrange the working papers and keep account of the business functionalities in both the current as well as the permanent audit directory. As rightly indicated by Chambers Odar (2015), the permanent audit paper therefore includes diverse substances that can persistently exert impact on the entire performance that comprises of the Document of the Copy of Memorandum of Association of the company BSF Ltd. In addition to this, the permanent audit paper also comprises of extracts of different important legal documents significant minutes in addition to the documents of agreements of the organization BSF Ltd. In addition to this, the documents of the audit also need to include important information concerning the internal control and at the same time the process of the accounting that the management of the organization BSF follows (Christensen et al., 2014). In addition to this, the audit documents also comprises of the structure of the company, information offered by the legal advisors as well as the bankers of the particular business entity along with the letter of the engagement. The document also replicates the evaluation of diverse accounts of balance of the corporation BSF Ltd, illustration of the process of evaluation of the financial statements at the time of audit by other auditors along with the perspectives of the assessor. The auditor presents the points of view regarding the overall internal control procedure, procedure for accounting, adherence to different ethical requirements along with the quality of the financial declarations (Chychyla et al., 2015). In addition to this, the important performance indicators together with the important ratio can assist in the process of detection of the specific trends of the business as well as the evaluation of the process of assessment. Moreover, the working paper of the audit also comprises of the constitutional documents of the BSF Ltd that replicates the entire business structure. Set of the journal entries for the transactions of the research and development The Journal entries for the research and development expenditures are as follows The journal entries for the Year 2013 Dr. RD exp 260,000,000 Cr. Cash or A/P 260,000,000 Dr. Cash or A/P $500,000,000 Cr. RD exp. $100,000,000 Cr. Unearned grant revenue $400,000,000 The journal entries for the Year 2014 Dr. RD exp. 100,000,000 Cr. Cash or A/p $ 100,000,000 Dr. Unearned grant revenue 100,000,000 Cr. Research grant revenue 100,000,000 The journal entries for the Year 2015 RD expenses $ 100,000,000 Cr. Cash or A/p $100,000,000 Dr. Unearned grant revenue 100,000,000 Cr. Research grant revenue 100,000,000 The journal entries for the Year 2016 RD expenses $ 60,000,000 Cr. Cash or A/p $60,000,000 Dr. Unearned grant revenue 60,000,000 Cr. Research grant revenue 60,000,000 Decisions regarding the accounting treat of the grant In keeping with the accounting directions established under the standard AASB 120 that yet again congregates with the conditions stipulated under the IAS 20, the dealings of accounting for ascertainment of the government grants can be carried out properly ( 2016). Again, as mentioned in the accounting stipulations, the set of laws established under relevant principles of accounting, the government grants can be registered as profit or else loss and in a systematic way during the course in which the business entity identifies the expenses as the connected costs (Cohen et al., 2013). In addition to this, the process of recognition in addition to documentation of varied government grants similar to profit if not loss is not according to the specific assumption of accrual accounting as revealed under the standard AASB 101 Presentation of Financial Statements ( 2016). Nevertheless, the method by which the government grant can be recorded does not convince the compl ete technique of book-keeping that can essentially be executed on the subject of the grant. Nonetheless, the government grant can be regarded as a receivable and can be treated as a reimbursement for offering the instant financial preservation to the entire business unit with no probable allied costs that can be documented in profit if not loss throughout the particular time (Cohen et al., 2013). Description of the research as being socially responsible and environmentally friendly As rightly put forward by Shah Nair (2013), the research process carried out by the BSF Ltd also have the need to be socially responsible and at the same time environmental friendly. As mentioned in the case, the research work conducted by the company BSF Limited on the plant based feed faced criticisms from the environmentalists that alleged that the process of diversion of the human quality food crops into the lavish fish is almost identical to the process of diversion of the low valued fish into the course of production. Therefore, this business practice can also affect the poor people and in turn escalate the risk associated to malnutrition. Therefore, there is a pressing need for the development of a socially responsible and at the same time environment friendly research activity. This practice also reflects the fact that the business units have the need to adhere to different set of rules as well as regulations that are essentially stipulated under both the social as well as e nvironmental evaluations in the process of carrying out daily business operations (Christensen et al., 2012). Again, there is also an obligation on the part of the corporation regarding the implementation of the regular tracking of diverse environmental issues in the entire business unit. In addition to this, the brand also has the need to abide by various severe regulation regarding the operational policies that can assist the process of deliverance of the operation (Ahmed Haji Anifowose, 2016). Again, the human resource segment of the company also need to hold fair as well as transparent view that in turn can avoid the partialities to a particular party in a bid to maintain social accountability (Chambers Odar, 2015). Again, the research process also need to abide by the rules of the administration of the company BSF Limited. Assessment of the reasonableness of the exclusive control of the patent values over technology As rightly indicated by Chambers Odar (2015), the process of functioning of control over basically an intangible asset can direct and help in the commencement of forthcoming economic growth (Lowell, 2016). Nonetheless, the capability of a particular corporation to deal with the impending economic refund from a specific intangible asset can occur out of various legal associations that efficiently can be considered as obligatory under necessities of pertinent law. On the other hand, the special control of the company over certain intangible assets that in turn can support the entire course of improvement in common technical aspects. This can facilitate the process of acquirement advantages in the forthcoming phase (Cohen et al., 2013). According to Cohen et al. (2013), the AASB138 paragraph 13 -16, the association BSF Ltd also have the need to be accustomed to the level of expertise as well as potential of the members of the staff that sequentially can generate the step up of economic rewards in the forthcoming time ( 2016). Yet, owing to lack of various lawful manipulations, the corporation BSF Limited can defend the future rewards through substitute actions or trials. References Christensen, B.E., Glover, S.M. and Wood, D.A., 2012. Extreme estimation uncertainty in fair value estimates: Implications for audit assurance.Auditing: A Journal of Practice Theory,31(1), pp.127-146. Homb, N. M., Sheybani, S., Derby, D., Wood, K. (2014). Audit and feedback intervention: An examination of differences in chiropractic record-keeping compliance.The Journal of chiropractic education,28(2), 123. Ahmed Haji, A., Anifowose, M. (2016). Audit Committee and Integrated Reporting Practice: Does Internal Assurance Matter?.Managerial Auditing Journal,31(8/9). Shah, M., Nair, C. S. (Eds.). (2013).External Quality Audit: Has it Improved Quality Assurance in Universities?. Elsevier. Simpson, S. N. Y., Aboagye-Otchere, F., Lovi, R. (2016). Internal auditing and assurance of corporate social responsibility reports and disclosures: perspectives of some internal auditors in Ghana.Social Responsibility Journal,12(4). Chambers, A. D., Odar, M. (2015). A new vision for internal audit.Managerial Auditing Journal,30(1), 34-55. Pitt, S. A. (2014).Internal Audit Quality: Developing a Quality Assurance and Improvement Program. John Wiley Sons. Graham, L. (2015).Internal Control Audit and Compliance: Documentation and Testing Under the New COSO Framework. John Wiley Sons. Lowell, R. (2016). COMPLIANCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT.Managing the Long-Term Care Facility: Practical Approaches to Providing Quality Care, 199. Chambers, A. D., Odar, M. (2015). A new vision for internal audit.Managerial Auditing Journal,30(1), 34-55. Christensen, T.E., Baker, R.E. Cottrell, D.M., (2014). Advanced Financial Accounting. The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Chychyla, R., Leone, A.J. Minutti-Meza, M., (2015). Financial Reporting Complexity and Accounting Expertise. Cohen, J.R., Krishnamoorthy, G., Peytcheva, M. Wright, A.M., (2013). How does the strength of the financial regulatory regime influence auditors' judgments to constrain aggressive reporting in a principles-based versus rules-based accounting environment?. Accounting Horizons, 27(3), pp.579-601. Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) - Home. (2016) Retrieved 14 September 2016, from (2016).Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AUASB) - Home. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Sep. 2016]. Duncan, B., Whittington, M. (2014, September). Compliance with standards, assurance and audit: does this equal security?. InProceedings of the 7th International Conference on Security of Information and Networks(p. 77). ACM. Hegazy, M. A., Farghaly, M. (2016, August). Internal audit practices and standards: external and internal auditors' perceptions on Compliance in an Emerging Economy. InAmerican Accounting Association Annual Meeting.

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What Is the American Dream an Example by

What Is the American Dream? The 1900 can be considered as one of Americas Golden Ages. It is a year of prosperity and wealth. It is a time of optimism. At that time, America was the place of the self-made man, the American Dream, rags to riches. (1900: A Year in the Life) This is what most Americans believe to be true. This is what people from other countries hear. This is why people from other countries dream of going to America, and actually go to America. Families like the ones in the picture go to America to make their dreams come trueto make the American dream come true. Need essay sample on "What Is the American Dream?" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed The picture shows the power of American dream. The American dream is powerful enough to make people believe. It is powerful to enough to make people dream and actually dare to reach that dream. It is powerful enough to pull people away from their roots and dare new and unfamiliar places where their future is uncertain and their fate a gamble. It is powerful enough to make people leave everything they have behind in their own countries and cross the oceans to make the first step towards the fulfillment of their dreamthe American dream. The immigrants in the picture are the immigrants in the past. They are the people who, in 1900, believed that America will give them, something different and better from what they have in their own country. For them, American does not describe the dream the same way as Belgian describes chocolate in Belgian chocolate and California describes wine in California wine. Instead, for them, America is the dream. America symbolizes everything they hope to achieveprosperity, leisure and a better life. They go to America because being in America means prosperity, leisure and a better life. The American dream for them is breaking away from the constraints of their homeland. It means breaking away from the chains of poverty and difficulty in a land where these chains do not exist. College Students Usually Tell EssayLab professionals: I'm don't want to write my paper. Because I want to spend time with my girlfriend Essay writer professionals suggest: Writing Services Cheapest Essay Cheap Essay Writing Essay Company Review I can relate to these people. I am not an American. I am from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. This is why I understand the pull of America and the American Dream. For people like me and the immigrants in the picture, America is a great place to live. It gives many opportunities, not only to its citizens, but also to its immigrants. On board a ship, they pass the statue of liberty. For the immigrants in the picture, the Statue of Liberty is a landmark. However, more than just marking the point where they reach the United States territory, it marks the end of poverty and the end of their difficulties. It symbolizes the end of their journey and the achievement of their dream. It is the point where they look up from their ships towards the sky and say, here we are. The long wait is over. It ends all anticipations. Aside from all the ends the Statue of Liberty symbolizes, it also symbolizes beginnings. It is the beginning of a new life. It is the beginning of a better life. This is what sets these immigrants apart from the Americans today. At present, the Statue of Liberty is still a landmark. More than just a landmark, it symbolizes a nation. While for the immigrants in the picture, the Statue of Liberty symbolizes what they can and will be, for the Americans today, the Statue of Liberty symbolizes what they are. For the immigrants, the Statue of Liberty symbolizes a dream that, at that point, is already within their reach. For the Americans today, the Statue of Liberty symbolizes everything that is American. It symbolizes liberty of a different kind. It is not only liberty or freedom from poverty and difficulty anymore that the Statue of Liberty symbolizes. More importantly, it symbolizes liberty to act, to think, to express and to choose. To end, it is interesting to note that people no longer come to the United States through ships. At present, people come to the United States through planes. Therefore, people do not need to look up anymore towards where the Statue of Liberty stands proudly such as when people do when they want to reach their dreams. Instead, people first see the statue from the sky and go down until they are level with, and later on below the statue, such as when people look and bend down to reach their roots. It is like when people go back to where they belong and embrace what they actually are as a nation. (Word Count: 711) Works Cited 1900: A Year in the Life of America. 27 Mar. 2007

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Reading Quiz on Why I Want a Wife

Reading Quiz on Why I Want a Wife Judy Bradys definition of a wife was first published in the feminist magazine Ms in December 1971. Since then, it has been widely reprinted. After reading the essay, take this short quiz, and then compare your responses with the answers on page two. According to Judy Brady in the essay â€Å"Why I Want a Wife,† what sparked in her the realization that she, too, would like to have a wife†?(A) a quarrel with her husband(B) an encounter with a male friend fresh from a recent divorce(C) an argument with her parents(D) a run-in with an old girlfriend who still hadn’t married(E) a recent divorce, which left her with five children to raise on her ownIn the opening sentences of Why I Want a Wife, the author classifies herself according to two roles that she plays. What are those roles?(A) wife and husband(B) mother and daughter(C) wife and worker(D) wife and mother(E) slave and mistressIn the essay â€Å"Why I Want a Wife,† which one of the following items does Judy Brady not say that she wants?(A) the liberty to replace my present wife with another one(B) a wife who will take care of the details of my social life(C) a wife who is sensitive to my sexual needs(D) a wife who will not bother me with rambling comp laints about a wife’s duties(E) a wife who will make so much money that I will never have to work again In the essay â€Å"Why I Want a Wife,† which one of the following desires does the author state directly?(A) I want a wife who will work and send me to school.(B) I want my husband to earn more money.(C) I want my wife to go back to school.(D) I want my mother to stop telling me how to raise my children.(E) I want to be single again.What is the final line of Judy Bradys essay Why I Want a Wife?(A) My God, who wouldnt want a wife?(B) I want to be single again.(C) I want a wife who will leave me alone.(D) My God, why would anyone want to be a wife?(E) Dear God, why am I a wife? Answers to the  Reading Quiz on Why I Want a Wife by Judy Brady (B) an encounter with a male friend fresh from a recent divorce(D) wife and mother(E) a wife who will make so much money that I will never have to work again(A) I want a wife who will work and send me to school.(A) My God, who wouldnt want a wife?

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Report on RIP CURL Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Report on RIP CURL - Assignment Example The report aims at comparing the business communication process of Billabong with Rip Curl, one of the leading organizations selling gifts items in different parts of the world. The business communication process of both organizations is on the similar line because of the impact of globalization and wide arrays of consumers across the world. Over the years, online communication has changed the communication by making it fast and affordable for the masses. It has also helped in reaching consumers of different parts of the world in an effective manner. It needs to be understood that both organizations have been operating in same economies. The Australian economy has been doing well and is considered as one of the highly sustainable economies. Australia has been considered as a hot tourist spot helping Billabong and Rip Curl to be successful in the past as well as in the present. Rip Curl can be considered as a primitive organization with strong focus on direct communication. It has a great mixture of conventional and modern approach towards communication. The information was garnered from wide arrays of sources and resources like journals, website and newspapers that confirmed the communication approach raising problems. Overall, it can be assumed that the organization can only be successful through effective business strategies embedded with an honest and transparent mode of communication. (Roger. (1997) Chap